Becoming a pioneer and superior dance study program as a center for quality standards for dance education, research and community service in Indonesia and Asia with international management standards in 2025


  1. Organizing education within the scope of Dance to prepare prospective professional and globally competitive educators;
  2. Conducting research to develop theories and practices within the scope of education and scholarship in the arts of dance that are innovative and rooted in local wisdom and their application in formal, non-formal and informal education;
  3. Organizing community service to disseminate the results of research and innovation in dance education disciplines and dance arts disciplines for the benefit and progress of society.
  4. Organizing dance teacher professional education programs for junior and senior secondary pathways and levels.


1.    To produce prospective educators who are reliable and professional in the field of dance education, who fear God Almighty and have the advantage of global competitiveness;

2.    Producing, developing and disseminating knowledge and results of innovation based on dance education research for the benefit of society and the application of education in formal, non-formal and informal channels.