2018 SNMPTN Pathway Student Admission


Acceptance of new students must meet the principles of fairness, accountability, transparency, and non-discrimination by not distinguishing gender, religion, ethnicity, race, social position, and the level of economic ability of prospective students and still paying attention to the potential of prospective students and the specificity of universities. Universities as providers of education after secondary education receive prospective students who have high academic achievement and are predicted to succeed in completing studies in higher education based on academic achievement. Students who have high achievements and consistently show their achievements deserve the opportunity to become prospective students through SNMPTN.

In the framework of the integration of secondary education with higher education, schools are given a role in the selection process of SNMPTN assuming that schools as educational units and teachers as educators always uphold honor and honesty as part of the principle of character education. Therefore, the school is obliged to complete the School and Student Database (PDSS) completely and correctly, and to encourage and support students in the registration process.


The objectives of SNMPTN are as follows:

  1. Providing opportunities for high school (SMA) students, vocational high schools (SMK), Madrasah Aliyah (MA), or those who are equivalent at home and abroad (Sekolah Republik Indonesia / SRI) who have excellent achievements to pursue higher education in State Universities (PTN).
  2. Provides opportunities for PTNs to get prospective new students who have high academic achievement.

    Full info: & nbsp; http://pmb.upi.edu/sarjana/snmptn/