Students of the Department of Dance Success Show 10 Foreign Dance

I set foot boldly, swinging my body as the rhythm of the music jerked more and more courageously as I ran the adrenaline. A synopsis depicts the dance of Serng Pong Laang from Thailand, which fascinates dance lovers in the Cultural Building at the University of Indonesia (UPI) Campus, Dr. Setiabudhi Number 229 Bandung, Tuesday (31/5/2016).
Nine dancers managed to translate the synopsis into a dance work properly. They were involved in the Foreign Dance Show initiated by the 2015 class of the Dance Art Department of the Faculty of Arts and Design Education (FPSD) UPI.

 ” The performance of Foreign Dance is one form of reflection on foreign dance courses. This year’s show carries the theme “ Behind the Season ” which means the story behind the season, “said the lecturer lecturer in foreign dance courses Dr. Yuliawan Kasmahidayat, M.Sc.

He explained, this event was the culmination of a 3-year foreign dance lecture process, at the beginning of the semester to midterm (UTS) they deepened foreign dance material and at the end of the semester , after UTS until UAS is appreciated in the form of performances. They performed 10 foreign dances.

“As a process, this performance is very surprise because it can run as it should. We can show the show well, and hopefully become an appreciative and educative spectacle, “he explained.

The other nine dances are Bunchge Cheon Gu from Korea; Scottish Dhace from Scotland; Ala Dalouna from Turkey; Deutsch Volkstanz from Germany; Kihua from China; Kuchi Pudhi Thilana from India; Yosakbi from Japan; Man of Mexico from Mexico; and Laeta Aestas from Brazil. (dodiangga / deny)
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